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Women's Retreat

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Women’s Retreat

A project done for a local Costa Mesa church’s annual women’s retreat event. Looking toward the three most important aspects of the retreat, I created a set of simple illustrated icons that would encapsulate the weekend. Utilizing the existing brand colors, my slide and Instagram story image are serene and set the tone for a peaceful weekend escape with a community of women.

womens retreat-04.png
womens retreat-05.png
womens retreat-06.png
womens retreat -iphone.png
womens retreat-10.png

For each icon, I wanted the design to feel light and open, but grounded by a line of text that encircled the illustrations with a phrase that would set the tone for the retreat. As it is a religious retreat, I began with a simple cross as one of the most recognizable symbols. Next, as an icon for female friendship and community, I used a blooming flower to evoke femininity and growth. Lastly, as the retreat is designed to be a weekend escape to nature, I used a Californian mountain range for my last icon.