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Origen BioTech

ORIGEN is an imagined biotech company. With core values of safety, cleanliness, and modernity. I chose a blue green color palette to reflect these values and create a calming effect for an industry that is often complex and difficult for the general population to grasp. Shown in full color, with a tagline, in black, and in white against a colored background. The logo is inspired by Lewis Structures which depict chemical compounds. In addition, the hexagons portray a sense of solidity that reflects the company's ethos. 

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In designing the logo, I realized that  the Origen hexagons in the brand's colors could create a recognizable pattern for use in marketing materials. I created two versions of the pattern, one simple one and one that incorporated images to convey the "human element" of the brand. The visual motion created by some separation a clumping of hexagon groups gives the impression of a company that is constantly evolving. 

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